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The Walkmen: Heaven download

Finally, the new album by The Walkmen has leaked as an album download! Heaven might be one of the best indie albums of 2012.

The Walkmen is an indie rock band from America. The band started its journey during the early months of 2000. The Walkmen started off as a five piece band with members hailing from the Jonathan Fire*Eater Band that included Matt Barrick on drums, Walter Martin on bass/organ and Paul Maroon on piano and guitar and the Recoys band players comprising of Hamilton Leithauser who is the lead vocalist, guitar player and Peter Baurer who plays the bass/organ for The Walkmen.


[quote]Heaven leaked out from the label as a promo copy and is now uploaded to Mediafire and Deposit files as a RAR file album download[/quote]


The Walkmen launched their first album “Everyone Who Pretended to Like Le is Gone” in 2002. The album was considered as an innovative approach towards instrumentation and atmosphere. The members of The Walkmen sing about reality and experience of life, underlining real emotion and real people. The band has been earning a lot of credibility among listeners and indie music lovers for years. Each member of The Walkmen band have been in and around Washington DC, and have also been a part of various bands, before forming The Walkmen, which adds an extra advantage of experience amongst band members.

After ten years of playing collectively as a band, The Walkmen, have come up with a new album called Heaven, which is set to be released on June 5, 2012. The album Heaven consists of six-full-length songs recorded by The Walkmen band and one additional cover track from Harry Nilsson’s 1974 album called Pussy Cats.

Phil Ek from Seattle have produced the album Heaven and the album includes a concise visitor spot by Fleet Foxes front man Robin Pecknold. Nevertheless, when one listens to the album’s title track that was recently launched, there is an apparent clue of the same old-scrappy-feel of the Walkmen band presented in it. Fans have even hailed the track to be rougher around the edges.

Enjoy the new Walkmen album download guys!

  • Artist: The Walkmen
  • Album: Heaven (Advance Promo leak)
  • Quality: 320kbit/s MP3s
  • Size: 137 MB (RAR file)
01 We Can’t Be Beat.m4a 9.38 MB
02 Love Is Luck.m4a 7.02 MB
03 Heartbreaker.m4a 6.64 MB
04 The Witch.m4a 7.77 MB
05 Southern Heart.m4a 6.11 MB
06 Line By Line.m4a 10.06 MB
07 Song For Leigh.m4a 7.36 MB
08 Nightingales.m4a 8.16 MB
09 Jerry Jr.’s Tune.m4a 3.32 MB
10 The Love You Love.m4a 6.53 MB
11 Heaven.m4a 9.68 MB
12 No One Ever Sleeps.m4a 5.61 MB
13 Dreamboat.m4a 9.08 MB

Download: Mirror #1 | Mirror #2 (Updated!)


Notes: Track number 6 has a slight skip.