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Muse: 2nd Law – Mediafire

So, people went crazy when Muse revealed the trailer for their upcoming 2ND Law album. But Skrillex inspired or not, this album is amazing. And it has now leaked as a download.


I’m not going to argue the fact that 2nd law is a lot of dubstep, a lot. But this album leak still reveals a band in constant motion. I was never personally a fan of their previous album and I think Muse needed a bit of a break from the music scene. And yeah, I was also afraid that the album trailer would be the end of the band. But with the London Olympics theme I was reaffirmed that I didn’t need to worry.

This album rip is a 320kbit/s MP3 rip from Rapidshare, Mediafire and as a torrent. For those of you who plan on getting this album for free, remember to support the band on their upcoming 2012 tour. And for those of you who want to know more about the album in detail, check out this awesome Muse wiki site.


Panic Station.mp3
Follow Me.mp3
Big Freeze.mp3
Save Me.mp3
Liquid State.mp3
The 2nd Law Unsustainable.mp3
The 2nd Law Isolated System.mp3

Rick Ross: God Forgives, I Don’t (Mediafire download leak)

It took a while to get this album leaked, but now Rick Ross album “God forgives I don’t” has finally hit the net.


It’s out on Mediafire, a torrent and a Rapidshare link. You can see the “evidence” of the leak below, as this is a picture of the complete CD version which has been ripped. And all I can say, this album deserves the attention it has been getting. I thought NAS album was going to be hiphop record of the year, but now with Rick Ross – I’m not so sure. God forgives I don’t is a return to form for the man. This is the normal version and doesn’t include the iTunes exclusive tracks or whatever.

Enjoy fellow Rick Ro$$ fans.

God forgives, I don't Mediafire leak

1. Pray For Us.mp3
2. Pirates.mp3
3. 3 Kings feat. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z.mp3
4. Ashamed.mp3
5. Maybach Music IV feat. Ne-Yo.mp3
6. Sixteen feat. Andre 3000.mp3
7. Amsterdam.mp3
8. Hold Me Back.mp3
9. 911.mp3
10. So Sophisticated feat. Meek Mill.mp3
11. Presidential feat. Elijah Blake.mp3
12. Ice Cold feat. Omarion.mp3
13. Touch’N You feat. Usher.mp3
14. Diced Pineapples feat. Wale & Drake.mp3
15. Ten Jesus Pieces feat. Stalley.mp3

Size: 153 MB

Source: CD

Quality: 224kbit/s MP3 files

Notes: No password needed. Files checked for virus by Virus Total.

Pink: The Truth About Love

After four long years, Pink’s album, The Truth About Love, has finally leaked as a download.

This album consists of all new music from the famed artist. This will be her sixth album. Pink gave her fans a small taste of what to expect when she released, Blow Me, One Last Kiss, a few months ago. After a leak caused the debut to be a few days earlier than planned, her fans were ecstatic about the new album preview. The raves were very complimentary!


[quote] This will be her sixth album. [/quote]


This new album, Pink – The Truth About Love is expected to compete with the other musicians and win many awards. This album has a little something extra for her Pink fans, her daughter Willow Sage is playing with her on a few of the tracks. Pink -The Truth About Love has fans all over the world excited about the new music. Many are hoping she doesn’t wait another four years, before she releases another musical endeavor. She summed up her life at one time saying that she wrote a song about each chapter of her life, Pink and The Truth About Love is new music that will bring more revelation about the exciting and controversial singer. The Truth About Love is expected to satisfy her millions of followers and put her back in the forefront of the musical entertainment world.

Pink says that this new album, just like her last ones, comes from deep within her and is inspired as she grows with her fans each year. Her ability to connect with her fans and still be true to who she is makes her one of the most loved entertainers from over the world. Her ability to relate is one of the things that her fans love about her and her musical genius.

Artist: P!NK
 Album: The Truth about love
 Label: Major
 Retail: September

Notes: Leaked advance album copy. Torrent based.
Size: 132 MB

50 Cent: FIVE (Murder by Numbers)

The master returns. It’s 50 Cent fifth album, simply titled FIVE – Murder by numbers. It’s one of those albums which needs some time, but man it’s a return to form for the rapper. Interscope hasn’t given this album any kind of promotion, which kind of sucks. Let’s hope it gets some spotlight when it hits downloads in early July.

This is a download leak of FIVE and contains all of the album tracks.

I feel for 50 when he had the single I’m on it leaked last year, and I get that he blames the label for it. But now that the complete album has leaked, there are still no promotion made for the album. It’s a blank. Well, hope you guys enjoy the album and be sure to check out the other links.


  • Artist: 50 Cent
  • Album: Five (Murder by numbers)
  • Size: 134 MB
  • Quality: 320kbit/s MP3
  • Source: Advance promo leak from Interscope


Aesop Rock: Skelethon

Hiphop mastermind Aesop Rock! Skelethon has leaked as an album download!


Ian Matthias Bavitz, also known as Aesop Rock has just had his album titled, Skelethon, leaked. Ian was born in 1976, and grew up in New York and Maine. This artist’s music encompasses hip-hop, underground hip-hop and indie hip-hop. He is a rapper, and also a music producer. The album download is set to be officially released on Rhyme sayers.


[quote]Zero Dark Thirty and ZZZ Top was only the beginning, Skelethon is true Hiphop at its finest[/quote]


His new album will be the first produced since 2007. He has a full tour date set with many other artists joining him onstage. He is excited about his fans hearing the new music. This will be his official sixth release. This is his first album the he produced completely on his own. Some of the sounds are similar; you can hear that he is venturing into a new direction with his music.

This rapper can use his abilities with music to touch and even get his fans excited about the messages he sends.  He will be playing in many of the states this year and into the next. He has fifteen songs on this album leak. They include, Gopher Cuts, Tetra, Saturn Missles, Grace, Homemade Mummy, 1,000 O’Clock, Racing Stripes, Fryerstarter, Crows 1 & 2, Ruby 81, Zero Dark Thirty, Leisure Force, ZZZ Top and Cycles To Gehenna.



This talented rapper also has other business interests. He launched several other companies over the past few years. His musical ability is almost staggering at time. This is one of the most unique and original sounds available in today’s music world. Aesop Rock has been spending the last two years actively tour and rocking out almost every night with new and old fans.

If you haven’t heard of his music, this is definitely the album to start you out. His fans seem to follow him wherever he goes. He always has time to stop and say hello and sign an autograph or two. There have been a few times that he has opened up for other large bands. However, his fans want him to be the IT band all the time. You can listen to his music and feel his soul at times. He definitely works his music into a fine art. Enjoy the Skelethon download!

Did you see the video to ZZZ Top by the way? F*cking fantastic.

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The Hives: Lex Hives download

Lex Hives is the fifth full length album download to be released by the Swedish band, The Hives. The complete album leak includes such great songs as, Come On, GO Right Ahead, Patrolling Days, and These Spectacles Reveal The Nostalgic songs.


The band has toured all over the world the last few years. They were in Sweden, Germany, US, and in Australia. They are keeping a very hectic and fun lifestyle these days. The sound they have is closely related to the sounds of garage rock, garage punk and post punk. They produced this new LP on their label the Disque Hives.


[quote]Go right ahead, to the Lex Hives download at the bottom of the post[/quote]


The band has mixed up with the talents of red hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Marilyn Manson, and Josh Homme. The title to the album relates to the phrase that comes from ancient practices of enacting laws and accepting them as truth. The band went solo from their previous producers after doing several albums. By declaring their independence they have only opened up the limits and made them limitless possibilities. The cover for the album is very cool. The guys are standing in their top hats and penguin suits and their shadows spell Hives. This is an awesome cover.

Since it has been five years ago that they published their last album, some are concerned if they still can gather the fans and rally them again for this great album. From the reaction to the single that they released, I would say they have a definite chance of reviving their musical careers fast!


[quote]The Lex Hives album download leak is sure to please fans, a 320kbit/s high quality MP3 rip of the promo CD[/quote]


The unique sound and the way the band meshes together allow them to be unique at the least. The band also had some fun on Facebook, they placed the titles to the new songs in a scrambled format, and they offered a contest and those that solved the riddles the quickest were rewarded nicely. The future for this band can be very exciting. Hopefully we will hear new music much sooner than a few years! These guys rock and their music is certainly stamped with their images. Each band member offers something great and individual to the group’s success.


  • Artist: The Hives
  • Album: Lex Hives (Advance Album Promo)
  • Format: MP3
  • Source: Mediafire & Rapidshare
  • Notes: Should be the complete album. No torrents available.
1. Come On!
2. Go Right Ahead
3. 1000 Answers
4. I Want More
5. Wait A Minute
6. Patrolling Days
7. Take Back The Toys
8. Without Money
9. These Spectacles Reveal The Nostalgics
10. My Time Is Coming
11. If I Had A Cent
12. Midnight Shifter

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Smashing Pumpkins: Oceania download

Corgan returns to form. The Oceania album download leak proves The Smashing Pumpkins is yet again a force to be reckoned with.


Smashing Pumpkins is set to release their album titled, Oceania on June 19th 2012. The Smashing Pumpkins are trying to see if this new album can create more of a fan base to keep them going as a group. The new album will have 13 new songs and some very unique named ones as well. They have become a little more artsy with this upcoming new song list. But it’s finally a return to form. Check out the Oceania download, including a Mediafire, Rapidgator and torrent.


The lead front man Billy Corgan says that the new album will be exciting for all new and the existing fans that follow them. This is the bands seventh album within an album of their work in progress by producers Kaleidyscope. The previous albums they have recorded made them a name well known among smashers.

The band has sold more than 30 million albums in the past years and has won several Grammy awards. They have had multiple platinum records and are anticipating this upcoming Oceania to be one of those. The have a following of new generation listeners. Several of the new songs that will be available on the album are Pale Horse, Four Winds Chime and My Love is Winter. There is excitement over this new album!


[quote] Sorry, but the last album was kind of shitty. Oceania is on a whole new level. [/quote]
This rock alternative rock bank is looking to step up the game with their fans this year. They have several tour dates set and are excited for the public to listen to their new music album. Over the past few years, the Smashing Pumpkins have declined with the fan base. They are counting on this album to help renew their popularity with fans all over the world. The new Smashing Pumpkins albums has already had many pre-orders, so hopefully fans will pick up and start following the Pumpkins again soon.

The Smashing Pumpkins have a very distinct, guitar driven sound about them. You can expect to jam out with this new album as well. Just as the lead singer wrote the other songs, Billy Corgan added his talents to the new Oceania download as well.  Since the group has reestablished themselves, they are fighting to jump back in the musical arena and be a heavy contender again.

Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins

Album: Oceania (Album Promo Digital download version)

Quality: 320kbit/s

Source: Torrent


Pale Horse.MP3
The Chimera.MP3
Four Winds Chime.MP3
My Love Is Winter.MP3
Special K.MP3
Violet Rays.MP3

Update: New download links coming soon! Stay tuned!

Update 2: New download here.

The Offspring: Days Gone By download

Days Gone by is the return of The Offspring. And the album has leaked out early as an album download!


This punk rock band has great flow with their music. They are releasing a new album called Days Gone By, check out The Offspring’s official website if you haven’t. This will be their ninth album and their fans are highly anticipating this new CD release.  This album is a follow up of last year’s release Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. This album will be the first they have recorded with their newest band member Pete Parada. He began playing drums for them several months ago. This CD has twelve tracks on it and was produced by Bob Rock.

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The Tallest Man on Earth: There’s No Leaving Now download

Swedish folk singer’s album has leaked as an album download. There’s no leaving now might be album of the year, already.


The Tallest Man on Earth solo artist Kristian Matsson has certainly made a name for himself with his first album, The Wild Hunt. He has an album set to be released called, There’s No Leaving Now, it will be available on June 12th 2012. His new CD will have ten tracks. The album will help him define his awesome guitar style and his gritty voice deeper into the musical world.  His fans are eager to get this new album. You’ll find a Mediafire, Rapidshare and a torrent download for There’s no leaving now at the bottom of this post.

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Jimmy Fallon: Blow Your Pants Off download

The classic comedian, musician, singer, and television host Jimmy Fallon’s debut album as a download!


The title Blow Your Pants Off is certain to be an adventure all of its own with listeners. Falon fans will get to not only the comedic voice of Falon but some of his guests include Bruce Springsteen on the song Whip My Hair.

This is a very highly anticipated musical/comedy release album. He has performed and recorded 15 songs and has a few well-known featured artists such as Justin Timberlake, Paul McCartney, David Matthew, and Big and Rich on this album. Fallon has been called musical genius with his impressions and realistic sounds of many of his idols. Since he adds his comedic flare, you cannot help, but to enjoy the newly recorded songs with a smile plastered to your face.

Jimmy Falon was born on September 19, 1974 to a middle class family in Brooklyn, New York. His love for Saturday Night Live got him interested in stepping out of the box with his career. He created his first album over ten years ago. He paired up with a Nashville writer to create fun and exciting musical entertainment on the Blow Your Pants Off CD.

Album download
How can you go wrong with that face?

Make sure that you pre-order this hilarious musical comedy album today.  His song titled Scrambled Eggs, features the amazing and talented former Beatles star Paul McCartney. This music will certainly set the giggles in motion. Some customers may also be surprised at how well Mr. Fallon can sing and imitate the greatest musical legends of our time. The simple fact that he was able to get super stars to join him in song, should say a lot to the consumer. Jimmy Rocks!

You can check out his web page on NBC and get a preview of other exciting events that this talented man has in store for his fans. It is easy to understand why he has his own successful Late Night television show. Many fans have asked if Falon and his guests on the album would be doing some type of live concerts. The concert would sell out rather quickly as he and his sidekicks keep you smiling. You can preview his song Whip Your Hair, featuring Bruce Springsteen as a guest singer.

1. “Neil Young Sings ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'”
2. “History of Rap” (feat. Justin Timberlake)
3. “Tebowie”
4. “Scrambled Eggs” (feat. Paul McCartney)
5. “The Doors Sing ‘Reading Rainbow'”
6. “Balls In Your Mouth” (feat. Eddie Vedder)
7. “My Upstairs Neighbors Are Having Sex (And Listening to the Black Eyed Peas)”
8. “Bob Dylan Sings ‘Charles in Charge'”
9. “Walk of Shame” (feat. Dave Matthews)
10. “Slow Jam the News” (feat. Brian Williams)
11. “New French Girlfriend”
12. “Cougar Huntin'” (feat. Big & Rich)
13. “You Spit When You Talk”
14. “Friday” (feat. Stephen Colbert)
15. “Neil Young Sings ‘Whip My Hair'” (feat. Bruce Springsteen)


  • Artist: Jimmy Fallon
  • Album: Blow Your Pants Off (Advance album download promo)
  • Year: 2012
  • Source: Torrent

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