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Dead Man’s Bones: Self titled | Review

Dead Man’s Bones – Dead Man’s Bones
indie, soundtrack


To be honest, I saw a lone indie tag and didn’t expect much. I was so wrong. This album has some of the best musical “character” I have heard. It was intended as the soundtrack to a play about werewolves, zombies and other such creatures, although the play aspect wasn’t completed. It covers a bunch of older music styles (think 50s-60s), and it could easily pass as music from those times except for the occasional modern touches. The childrens’ choir is a major component of the album and it gives the music much of the character.

The self-imposed recording constraint of having no more than 3 takes per song has worked really well – I get the organic feeling, but I don’t notice mistakes in playing as such. There’s a mild cheesiness, which is done so well that it becomes charming. Given the subject matter, it could have turned out much worse, especially comparing to Twilight and the similar modern trends. The subject matter itself doesn’t really take that much focus.

The only let down, if any, is that it takes a while to get started. The first 2 tracks don’t seem to do much at all. Everything afterwards is excellent. I can’t pick a favourite track, but I’d recommend Pa Pa Power for the safe option, Lose Your Soul for the dark side, and My Body’s A Zombie For You for the theater fans.

For the sake of making a comparison, try and imagine a more depressive, yet more hopeful version of Arcade Fire. Very highly recommended to anyone who reads this.
Thanks Jusper, I’ll be enjoying this for a long time to come.