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Dave Matthews Band: Away From The World

The new Dave Matthews Band album “Away from the World” has finally leaked as a Mediafire and torrent download



The band have been teasing fans through their official website for a while now, but finally Away from the World has hit the internet in a glorious 320kbit/s MP3 rip! And it’s one of their best albums of 2000 in my opinion – Stellar return for the band! And if you’re a big Dave Matthews fan like me, don’t forget to check out antsmarching.org which is a fantastic fan site!

Don’t forget to support the band when the full album has hit download digital stores! Enjoy!


  • 1) Broken Things
  • 2) Belly Belly Nice
  • 3) Mercy
  • 4) Gaucho
  • 5) Sweet
  • 6) The Riff
  • 7) Belly Full
  • 8) If Only
  • 9) Rooftop
  • 10) Snow Outside
  • 11) Drunken Soldier
320kbit/s MP3 files VBR

Muse: 2nd Law – Mediafire

So, people went crazy when Muse revealed the trailer for their upcoming 2ND Law album. But Skrillex inspired or not, this album is amazing. And it has now leaked as a download.


I’m not going to argue the fact that 2nd law is a lot of dubstep, a lot. But this album leak still reveals a band in constant motion. I was never personally a fan of their previous album and I think Muse needed a bit of a break from the music scene. And yeah, I was also afraid that the album trailer would be the end of the band. But with the London Olympics theme I was reaffirmed that I didn’t need to worry.

This album rip is a 320kbit/s MP3 rip from Rapidshare, Mediafire and as a torrent. For those of you who plan on getting this album for free, remember to support the band on their upcoming 2012 tour. And for those of you who want to know more about the album in detail, check out this awesome Muse wiki site.


Panic Station.mp3
Follow Me.mp3
Big Freeze.mp3
Save Me.mp3
Liquid State.mp3
The 2nd Law Unsustainable.mp3
The 2nd Law Isolated System.mp3

Mark Tremonti – All I Was

The Creed and Alter Bridge guitar releases his own album, titled All I was. And it has now leaked as a Mediafire download. It was found on a Tumblr blog which apparently was taken down as soon as the leak happend. But a few fans downloaded it and now it’s getting spread around. I recommend reading Mark’s Wikipedia page, it’s quite an impressive career and I can understand why the fans are hungry for All I was.


[quote]I should note that this is the full album and not just the three-track album sampler which was released back in April. See the full file list below, and check out our Mediafire link below the list.[/quote]



1. Leave It Alone.mp3
2. So You’re Afraid.mp3
3. Wish You Well.mp3
4. Brains.mp3
5. The Things I’ve Seen.mp3
6. You Waste Your Time.mp3
7. New Way Out.mp3
8. Giving Up.mp3
9. Proof.mp3
10. All I Was.mp3
11. Doesn’t Matter.mp3
12. Decay.mp3

The Hives: Lex Hives download

Lex Hives is the fifth full length album download to be released by the Swedish band, The Hives. The complete album leak includes such great songs as, Come On, GO Right Ahead, Patrolling Days, and These Spectacles Reveal The Nostalgic songs.


The band has toured all over the world the last few years. They were in Sweden, Germany, US, and in Australia. They are keeping a very hectic and fun lifestyle these days. The sound they have is closely related to the sounds of garage rock, garage punk and post punk. They produced this new LP on their label the Disque Hives.


[quote]Go right ahead, to the Lex Hives download at the bottom of the post[/quote]


The band has mixed up with the talents of red hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Marilyn Manson, and Josh Homme. The title to the album relates to the phrase that comes from ancient practices of enacting laws and accepting them as truth. The band went solo from their previous producers after doing several albums. By declaring their independence they have only opened up the limits and made them limitless possibilities. The cover for the album is very cool. The guys are standing in their top hats and penguin suits and their shadows spell Hives. This is an awesome cover.

Since it has been five years ago that they published their last album, some are concerned if they still can gather the fans and rally them again for this great album. From the reaction to the single that they released, I would say they have a definite chance of reviving their musical careers fast!


[quote]The Lex Hives album download leak is sure to please fans, a 320kbit/s high quality MP3 rip of the promo CD[/quote]


The unique sound and the way the band meshes together allow them to be unique at the least. The band also had some fun on Facebook, they placed the titles to the new songs in a scrambled format, and they offered a contest and those that solved the riddles the quickest were rewarded nicely. The future for this band can be very exciting. Hopefully we will hear new music much sooner than a few years! These guys rock and their music is certainly stamped with their images. Each band member offers something great and individual to the group’s success.


  • Artist: The Hives
  • Album: Lex Hives (Advance Album Promo)
  • Format: MP3
  • Source: Mediafire & Rapidshare
  • Notes: Should be the complete album. No torrents available.
1. Come On!
2. Go Right Ahead
3. 1000 Answers
4. I Want More
5. Wait A Minute
6. Patrolling Days
7. Take Back The Toys
8. Without Money
9. These Spectacles Reveal The Nostalgics
10. My Time Is Coming
11. If I Had A Cent
12. Midnight Shifter

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Smashing Pumpkins: Oceania download

Corgan returns to form. The Oceania album download leak proves The Smashing Pumpkins is yet again a force to be reckoned with.


Smashing Pumpkins is set to release their album titled, Oceania on June 19th 2012. The Smashing Pumpkins are trying to see if this new album can create more of a fan base to keep them going as a group. The new album will have 13 new songs and some very unique named ones as well. They have become a little more artsy with this upcoming new song list. But it’s finally a return to form. Check out the Oceania download, including a Mediafire, Rapidgator and torrent.


The lead front man Billy Corgan says that the new album will be exciting for all new and the existing fans that follow them. This is the bands seventh album within an album of their work in progress by producers Kaleidyscope. The previous albums they have recorded made them a name well known among smashers.

The band has sold more than 30 million albums in the past years and has won several Grammy awards. They have had multiple platinum records and are anticipating this upcoming Oceania to be one of those. The have a following of new generation listeners. Several of the new songs that will be available on the album are Pale Horse, Four Winds Chime and My Love is Winter. There is excitement over this new album!


[quote] Sorry, but the last album was kind of shitty. Oceania is on a whole new level. [/quote]
This rock alternative rock bank is looking to step up the game with their fans this year. They have several tour dates set and are excited for the public to listen to their new music album. Over the past few years, the Smashing Pumpkins have declined with the fan base. They are counting on this album to help renew their popularity with fans all over the world. The new Smashing Pumpkins albums has already had many pre-orders, so hopefully fans will pick up and start following the Pumpkins again soon.

The Smashing Pumpkins have a very distinct, guitar driven sound about them. You can expect to jam out with this new album as well. Just as the lead singer wrote the other songs, Billy Corgan added his talents to the new Oceania download as well.  Since the group has reestablished themselves, they are fighting to jump back in the musical arena and be a heavy contender again.

Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins

Album: Oceania (Album Promo Digital download version)

Quality: 320kbit/s

Source: Torrent


Pale Horse.MP3
The Chimera.MP3
Four Winds Chime.MP3
My Love Is Winter.MP3
Special K.MP3
Violet Rays.MP3

Update: New download links coming soon! Stay tuned!

Update 2: New download here.

The Tallest Man on Earth: There’s No Leaving Now download

Swedish folk singer’s album has leaked as an album download. There’s no leaving now might be album of the year, already.


The Tallest Man on Earth solo artist Kristian Matsson has certainly made a name for himself with his first album, The Wild Hunt. He has an album set to be released called, There’s No Leaving Now, it will be available on June 12th 2012. His new CD will have ten tracks. The album will help him define his awesome guitar style and his gritty voice deeper into the musical world.  His fans are eager to get this new album. You’ll find a Mediafire, Rapidshare and a torrent download for There’s no leaving now at the bottom of this post.

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Gaslight Anthem: Handwritten download

Gaslight Anthem fourth album titled, Handwritten has leaked as an album download. This is group of four amazing and talented individuals. It is scheduled to be released July 24th 2012.


They are an all-American rock band from Brunswick, New Jersey. The Gaslight Anthem group was formed in 2006. Mercury Records are producing this album.  Their genre is a combination of punk, rock, folk, and the Americana spirit.

One of the singles from the album is called “45” the group wrote and produced the music of this song to tell a story. They wanted this song to reflect on their past and present experiences in the business and in life.  The single “45” was released on iTunes on May 8th and has had many downloads to date. Listen to the song here.

The group began to climb up in the musical world in 2007, with their first CD titled Sink or Swim. They have a sound that has a touch of the jersey shore influences and are exceptionally unique with their musical talents. The band is comprised of Brian Falon, who is the lead singer and plays guitar. Alex Rosamilia, guitar player and back-up vocals. Alex Levine who plays bass and also back-up vocals, and Benny Horowitz who plays drums, the tambourine and percussion. Each one of these artists has been with the group since they were founded in 2006. The group said that had such groups as the Replacements not influenced them, there would be no Gaslight band today.


[quote]The group says that they are trying to get back to their original sound.[/quote]


The Handwritten album consists of 11 new songs and the band has a complete tour date set for the North American audience. Several other titles on the album are Howl and National Anthem, this music is going to help The Gaslight Anthem group leap forward in the musical world today.  Another song to listen for is the Mulholland Drive single that is on the album download.

Fans have anxiously awaiting the full album release. The group says that they are trying to get back to their original sound. The last few albums they feel that they have strayed a little from the classic punk genre, but are heading back in that direction with the new album. They have hooked up with Brendan O’Brein who also produced Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam. With this talented producer directing them, you can bet this will be a group to watch closely!


  • Artist………. Gaslight Anthem
  • Album: Handwritten (Advance Album Promo Leak)
  • Format: mp3s
  • Date………. 2012-5-22
  • Source: Torrent
  • Encoder……… Lame V2
  • Quality……… 320kbps
  • Record Label…. Independent


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TV On The Radio: Young Liars | Review

Artist: TV On The Radio
Album: Young Liars
Year: 2003
Genre: Indie Rock

Haven’t been listening to too much “Indie Rock/Pop” music lately and it’s simply because nothing’s really been tickling my fancy. I went into this record excited to listen to it for multiple reasons:

  • 1. It was released on Touch & Go Records, a record company that I can usually trust.
  • 2. It’s an earlier TVotR release; from what I’ve heard (Return to Cookie Mountain, Dear Science, half of Nine Types of Light), I’m pretty sure I like the band’s earlier output more than their latter.
  • 3. It got rated well on allmusic and pitchfork. Yeah yeah make fun of me but an 8.9 from Pitchfork circa 2003 (and for an EP!) usually means I’ll like it.
  • 4. It has a Pixies cover.

So after listening to it a few times, I can confidently say that it is indeed an extremely solid EP. For five songs, it kept me interested for all of its 25 minutes. Not much to say about it except that it’s incredibly consistent and has a very cool-yet-not-cocky demeanor. The first track Satellite is a clear example of this – the pulsating bass chugging along with the drums (and soon thereafter the heavily reverbed guitar and flute) allow for an awesome backdrop for Tunde’s vocal, which are always on point. The mixing on the song is fantastic and I really love the quiet, crackling guitar solo-ish 2/3 into the song that shows up in the right monitor. Staring at the Sun is a classic and is better than the LP version in my opinion. The wall of sound in the second half of Young Liars is nice and Blind is simply a great song. The doo wop version of Mr. Grieves is cool and really pleasant though I probably won’t ever listen to it more than a few times. In general, I’m not too big on this type of music at the moment but it was definitely a nice listen. 7/10

Rating or Recommendation: If you like TVotR or Indie Rock with soulful melodies, just check it out. It’s only 25 minutes anyway.

Maroon 5: Overexposed download

Overexposed is the fourth album of Maroon 5 and has recently leaked as an album download. The album isn’t official out until later, dropping as a digital download in June. The album features ten new pop-infused collections of tracks. Overexposed is produced by Max Martin, while a few additional tracks are produced by Ryan Tedder and Benny Blanco. This MP3 version was found as a torrent, and while that is gone this has been uploaded to Mediafire, Rapidshare and Deposit files.

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Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells | Review

Artist: Mike Oldfield
Album: Tubular Bells
Year: 1973
Genres: Electronic,Rock
Styles: Folk Rock, Modern Classical, Prog Rock, Classic Rock

I have been struggling with this review because I just haven’t really been able to get into this work. Generally I would like something like this on paper – long, evolving piece meandering through various textural changes and riffs with varied instrumentation and production techniques. But I just don’t get this. I have been struggling to figure out why. I think it’s mostly the melodic content – the riffs are pretty standard 70s rock mixed with folk to my ears which doesn’t fit the epic long two track format that this is. It also doesn’t seem to move in one particular direction… there’s certainly some ‘ahh’ moments where it settles into something exceptional but it changes so drastically every time, when it restarts I can’t get into it. For example, it’ll riff out in a more ethereal folky rock riff, then break into some prog rock direction complete with wolf-like vocals. It’s kind of like a saw waveform, starting at the bottom, gradually ramping up and instantly dropping down to the bottom again with some new material.

Near the end of the first piece the dude announces what instruments are playing as they’re going in a British accent, which is pretty offputting. It sounds like a comic attempt that fails for me (likewise the Irish jig/riff piece at the very end).

When it comes to repeating riffs, perhaps I have been spoiled to find minimalism like Steve Reich and Phillip Glass, which took me in a direction that was much more of a rewarding listen than this.

I can understand why this is so popular – it’s a different take on things, accessible enough, refreshing and slightly challenging, not entirely alien to a listener’s ear. The recording technique and arrangements are creative it all seems pretty novel for 1973. I can imagine if I was around then, I’d drop some LSD or get pretty baked with my hippie buddies, and laying on the floor I’d soak it in on a brand new hi-fi, I’d probably really enjoy it. It just doesn’t align with my tastes where I’m at right now.