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NOFX: Self Entitled

SELF/ENTITLED is the new album download leak from punk legends NOFX

The album is out in a few days, officially – But it has already made it to both Mediafire, Rapidshare and as a torrent! I’m super excited about the return of NOFX since I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time. Especially during the 90s. Don’t forget to pre-order the album from Fat Wreck Records.

1. 72 Hookers
2. I Believe in Goddess
3. Ronnie & Mags
4. She Didn’t Lose Her Baby
5. Secret Society
6. I, Fatty
7. Cell Out
8. Down With the Ship
9. My Sycophant Others
10. This Machine is 4
11. I’ve Got One Jealous Again, Again
12. Xmas Has Been X’ed

The Hives: Lex Hives download

Lex Hives is the fifth full length album download to be released by the Swedish band, The Hives. The complete album leak includes such great songs as, Come On, GO Right Ahead, Patrolling Days, and These Spectacles Reveal The Nostalgic songs.


The band has toured all over the world the last few years. They were in Sweden, Germany, US, and in Australia. They are keeping a very hectic and fun lifestyle these days. The sound they have is closely related to the sounds of garage rock, garage punk and post punk. They produced this new LP on their label the Disque Hives.


[quote]Go right ahead, to the Lex Hives download at the bottom of the post[/quote]


The band has mixed up with the talents of red hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Marilyn Manson, and Josh Homme. The title to the album relates to the phrase that comes from ancient practices of enacting laws and accepting them as truth. The band went solo from their previous producers after doing several albums. By declaring their independence they have only opened up the limits and made them limitless possibilities. The cover for the album is very cool. The guys are standing in their top hats and penguin suits and their shadows spell Hives. This is an awesome cover.

Since it has been five years ago that they published their last album, some are concerned if they still can gather the fans and rally them again for this great album. From the reaction to the single that they released, I would say they have a definite chance of reviving their musical careers fast!


[quote]The Lex Hives album download leak is sure to please fans, a 320kbit/s high quality MP3 rip of the promo CD[/quote]


The unique sound and the way the band meshes together allow them to be unique at the least. The band also had some fun on Facebook, they placed the titles to the new songs in a scrambled format, and they offered a contest and those that solved the riddles the quickest were rewarded nicely. The future for this band can be very exciting. Hopefully we will hear new music much sooner than a few years! These guys rock and their music is certainly stamped with their images. Each band member offers something great and individual to the group’s success.


  • Artist: The Hives
  • Album: Lex Hives (Advance Album Promo)
  • Format: MP3
  • Source: Mediafire & Rapidshare
  • Notes: Should be the complete album. No torrents available.
1. Come On!
2. Go Right Ahead
3. 1000 Answers
4. I Want More
5. Wait A Minute
6. Patrolling Days
7. Take Back The Toys
8. Without Money
9. These Spectacles Reveal The Nostalgics
10. My Time Is Coming
11. If I Had A Cent
12. Midnight Shifter

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The Offspring: Days Gone By download

Days Gone by is the return of The Offspring. And the album has leaked out early as an album download!


This punk rock band has great flow with their music. They are releasing a new album called Days Gone By, check out The Offspring’s official website if you haven’t. This will be their ninth album and their fans are highly anticipating this new CD release.  This album is a follow up of last year’s release Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. This album will be the first they have recorded with their newest band member Pete Parada. He began playing drums for them several months ago. This CD has twelve tracks on it and was produced by Bob Rock.

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Dwarves: The Dwarves Are Born Again | Review

Artist: Dwarves
Album: The Dwarves Are Born Again
Year: 2011
Genre: Pop Punk

File under “the band with boobs on all their album covers“.

Not much to say about this one. Dwarves have made another unwelcome attempt at prolonging their 25+ year career making immature, irreverent, uninspired pop punk. While earlier albums like “Are Young and Good Looking” and “Blood, Guts and Pussy” had a welcome dose of humor in their irreverent lyrics, “The Dwarves are Born Again” is as stale as it gets. I tried like hell to get into this album, but it left me completely bored. These guys are trying way, way too hard. Their formula worked just fine 20 years ago when it was some young punks singing about getting laid, fighting, and getting high, but when songs like “Your Girl’s Mom”, “I Masturbate Me” and “We Only Came To Get High” are presented by middle aged men, I think more about sad, alcoholic bachelors and less about funny, edgy punks. Did I mention the riffs are boring and recycled?

Rating or Recommendation: 3/10