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Emeralds: Does It Look Like I’m Here? | Review

I’ve grown to associate such tags as stuff that would bore the shit out of me and I was a little disappointed when I saw the recommendation. This album did a good job of changing my view on what could constitute such musical styles.

The music is almost purely synth/keys/similar. No vocals, no drums, only a little bit of Floyd-ish guitar, and yet somehow it’s incredibly rich, complex, layered and dynamic. It actually reminds me of the keyboard sections of numerous bands I like.

The first third of the album is very rhythmic, intense, though somewhat hypnotic. In the middle it’s more sparse and a bit unstructured for my liking, but luckily still nowhere near what I was first expecting. The end is a slight return to the rhythmic style, just with more guitar and way more chilled. This is my favourite section.

It sounded quite good through speakers, when I was sitting in my room feeling a bit down and having a few drinks alone. I also tried listening through headphones at work, but it just didn’t seem right. I guess it’s the type of album that wasn’t made for focused listening. I have yet to try it in the car, should be good to drive to.

Rkarl, you have improved my views on those styles. Thank you. I’ll move cautiously when investigating the styles further, but I know I’d do well to get more Emeralds and similar groups.