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50 Cent: FIVE (Murder by Numbers)

The master returns. It’s 50 Cent fifth album, simply titled FIVE – Murder by numbers. It’s one of those albums which needs some time, but man it’s a return to form for the rapper. Interscope hasn’t given this album any kind of promotion, which kind of sucks. Let’s hope it gets some spotlight when it hits downloads in early July.

This is a download leak of FIVE and contains all of the album tracks.

I feel for 50 when he had the single I’m on it leaked last year, and I get that he blames the label for it. But now that the complete album has leaked, there are still no promotion made for the album. It’s a blank. Well, hope you guys enjoy the album and be sure to check out the other links.


  • Artist: 50 Cent
  • Album: Five (Murder by numbers)
  • Size: 134 MB
  • Quality: 320kbit/s MP3
  • Source: Advance promo leak from Interscope