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Gaslight Anthem: Handwritten download

Gaslight Anthem fourth album titled, Handwritten has leaked as an album download. This is group of four amazing and talented individuals. It is scheduled to be released July 24th 2012.


They are an all-American rock band from Brunswick, New Jersey. The Gaslight Anthem group was formed in 2006. Mercury Records are producing this album.  Their genre is a combination of punk, rock, folk, and the Americana spirit.

One of the singles from the album is called “45” the group wrote and produced the music of this song to tell a story. They wanted this song to reflect on their past and present experiences in the business and in life.  The single “45” was released on iTunes on May 8th and has had many downloads to date. Listen to the song here.

The group began to climb up in the musical world in 2007, with their first CD titled Sink or Swim. They have a sound that has a touch of the jersey shore influences and are exceptionally unique with their musical talents. The band is comprised of Brian Falon, who is the lead singer and plays guitar. Alex Rosamilia, guitar player and back-up vocals. Alex Levine who plays bass and also back-up vocals, and Benny Horowitz who plays drums, the tambourine and percussion. Each one of these artists has been with the group since they were founded in 2006. The group said that had such groups as the Replacements not influenced them, there would be no Gaslight band today.


[quote]The group says that they are trying to get back to their original sound.[/quote]


The Handwritten album consists of 11 new songs and the band has a complete tour date set for the North American audience. Several other titles on the album are Howl and National Anthem, this music is going to help The Gaslight Anthem group leap forward in the musical world today.  Another song to listen for is the Mulholland Drive single that is on the album download.

Fans have anxiously awaiting the full album release. The group says that they are trying to get back to their original sound. The last few albums they feel that they have strayed a little from the classic punk genre, but are heading back in that direction with the new album. They have hooked up with Brendan O’Brein who also produced Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam. With this talented producer directing them, you can bet this will be a group to watch closely!


  • Artist………. Gaslight Anthem
  • Album: Handwritten (Advance Album Promo Leak)
  • Format: mp3s
  • Date………. 2012-5-22
  • Source: Torrent
  • Encoder……… Lame V2
  • Quality……… 320kbps
  • Record Label…. Independent


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