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Calexico: Algiers

It’s four days until Calexico’s album Algiers hits retail, but already the album has leaked out on Mediafire and other file sharing sites.


The album is set for a release on City Slang on September 10th, so make sure to pre-order the album before you look for a leaked MP3 version.

[quote] Recorded in New Orleans, Joey Burns’ and John Convertino’s sixth album is a truly wonderful and most enticing set of songs. We feel strongly that this is the most exciting and song-y CALEXICO record to date. There is no filler here (not that there ever was), just one amazingly strong song after the other. Stand-out tracks include Para, Splitter, Fortune Teller as well as The Vanishing Mind. [/quote]


  1. Epic.MP3
  2. Splitter.MP3
  3. Sinner in the Sea.MP3
  4. Fortune Teller.MP3
  5. Para.MP3
  6. Algiers.MP3
  7. Maybe On Monday.MP3
  8. Puerto.MP3
  9. Better and Better.MP3
  10. No Te Vayas.MP3
  11. Hush.MP3
  12. The Vanishing Mind.MP3