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Mark Tremonti – All I Was

The Creed and Alter Bridge guitar releases his own album, titled All I was. And it has now leaked as a Mediafire download. It was found on a Tumblr blog which apparently was taken down as soon as the leak happend. But a few fans downloaded it and now it’s getting spread around. I recommend reading Mark’s Wikipedia page, it’s quite an impressive career and I can understand why the fans are hungry for All I was.


[quote]I should note that this is the full album and not just the three-track album sampler which was released back in April. See the full file list below, and check out our Mediafire link below the list.[/quote]



1. Leave It Alone.mp3
2. So You’re Afraid.mp3
3. Wish You Well.mp3
4. Brains.mp3
5. The Things I’ve Seen.mp3
6. You Waste Your Time.mp3
7. New Way Out.mp3
8. Giving Up.mp3
9. Proof.mp3
10. All I Was.mp3
11. Doesn’t Matter.mp3
12. Decay.mp3