deadmau5 – Album title goes here Leak

The new Deadmau5 album, > album title goes here < has finally leaked


It’s not the Soundcloud rip which doesn’t contain the full album, and has crappy quality. This is the real deal with the full album intact. It’s now on Mediafire and select torrent sites. It’s set for a September 25th retail release, but it’s no of course a big artist like Deadmaus is going to have his album leaked as a download early. And can I say, the album title “Album title goes here”, is kind of stupid.

01. Superliminal
02. Channel 42 – deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner
03. The Veldt (feat. Chris James)
04. Fn Pig
05. Professional Griefers (feat. Gerard Way)
06. Maths
07. There Might Be Coffee
08. Take care of the proper paperwork
09. Closer
10. October
11. Sleepless
12. Failbait (feat. Cypress Hill)
13. Telemiscommunications (feat. Imogen Heap) Complete version

2 thoughts on “deadmau5 – Album title goes here Leak”

  1. He’s just keeping the same title degrading humour from previous albums (ex. for lack of a better name). Kind of suggests that an album name is just a meaningless layer of gloss. Also, the songs on his albums are always very different, and it wouldn’t make sense to list them all under a certain name. Most artists just take one of the best songs on their album and use that as the album title. I don’t think it would work for this album and I’m also not a fan of that tactic. By the way, the ><'s are a computer/code reference so the title isn't completely void of intelligence.

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