The Tallest Man on Earth: There’s No Leaving Now download

Swedish folk singer’s album has leaked as an album download. There’s no leaving now might be album of the year, already.


The Tallest Man on Earth solo artist Kristian Matsson has certainly made a name for himself with his first album, The Wild Hunt. He has an album set to be released called, There’s No Leaving Now, it will be available on June 12th 2012. His new CD will have ten tracks. The album will help him define his awesome guitar style and his gritty voice deeper into the musical world.  His fans are eager to get this new album. You’ll find a Mediafire, Rapidshare and a torrent download for There’s no leaving now at the bottom of this post.

Kristian was born on April 30, 1983 in Sweden. He is married to Amanda Bergman, who has her own musical career throttling in high-speed at this time as well. His style is definitely unique and he records his music as one-track performances. He does not record the way other artists. He uses an open tuning technique for his guitar playing style. This truly sets him apart from others. His ability to blend the two sounds together makes his music truly satisfying and easy to listen too.

[quote] His voice is all it takes to grab your attention and make you want to follow his music. [/quote]

He has been described as a Folk/Indie singer. His talents have been compared to iconic singers such as the legendary Bob Dylan. If you are looking to get a few samples of what this amazing artist has recorded for the new album, you can check out the link below to get a preview. The early album leak of There’s no leaving now came as a surprise to many, it’s not going to be released as an official download for a while now.


[quote]There is a lot of excitement about this next musical adventure.[/quote]

This upcoming album has anticipated works such as Little Brother and 1904. The release date is marked on many calendars and smartphones so followers can purchase this as soon as possible. Kristian Matsson offers his fans a simple, but classical folk style that is all his own.  There are no big explosions or onstage props with this exciting new artist. His voice is all it takes to grab your attention and make you want to follow his music.

The charismatic and strong singer says that his newly recorded album is just a part of who he has become as a performer. His producers the Dead Oceans are anticipating high record sales as this young man continues to grab audiences worldwide.  As his fan base grows, we will get to see this man rise to the top of his musical genre. Expect to be very satisfied with this album leak.



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