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Perfume Genius: Put Your Back N 2 It | Review

Artist: Perfume Genius
Album: Put Your Back N 2 It
Genres: piano, ambient, roots (apparently that’s a something, I don’t know)


A piano album was about the last thing I expected from someone who on the first glimpse seems to be into dark drone related genres. But regardless, I rejoice a little inside, good piano music has a very special soft spot in my heart.

From the beginning of the first track I knew my regular speakers wouldn’t cut it – for piano music, anything that’s not Sony’s noise-cancelling IEMs is sub par. The second I tune the rest of the world out I notice details I missed out on originally. Subtle waves and scratches give the opening track a nice sepia feeling. Reminds me of my old place by the railway so it does something most tracks can’t do to me – making an emotional connection in a minute on the first listening.
I would definitely say this is the kind of music you have to be in the mood for. Or rather, not be in the wrong mood. It’s calm and soothing.
I can imagine anyone into ambient music enjoying the opening track of this album.

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