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Rick Ross: God Forgives, I Don’t (Mediafire download leak)

It took a while to get this album leaked, but now Rick Ross album “God forgives I don’t” has finally hit the net.


It’s out on Mediafire, a torrent and a Rapidshare link. You can see the “evidence” of the leak below, as this is a picture of the complete CD version which has been ripped. And all I can say, this album deserves the attention it has been getting. I thought NAS album was going to be hiphop record of the year, but now with Rick Ross – I’m not so sure. God forgives I don’t is a return to form for the man. This is the normal version and doesn’t include the iTunes exclusive tracks or whatever.

Enjoy fellow Rick Ro$$ fans.

God forgives, I don't Mediafire leak

1. Pray For Us.mp3
2. Pirates.mp3
3. 3 Kings feat. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z.mp3
4. Ashamed.mp3
5. Maybach Music IV feat. Ne-Yo.mp3
6. Sixteen feat. Andre 3000.mp3
7. Amsterdam.mp3
8. Hold Me Back.mp3
9. 911.mp3
10. So Sophisticated feat. Meek Mill.mp3
11. Presidential feat. Elijah Blake.mp3
12. Ice Cold feat. Omarion.mp3
13. Touch’N You feat. Usher.mp3
14. Diced Pineapples feat. Wale & Drake.mp3
15. Ten Jesus Pieces feat. Stalley.mp3

Size: 153 MB

Source: CD

Quality: 224kbit/s MP3 files

Notes: No password needed. Files checked for virus by Virus Total.

The xx: Crucial – Mediafire leak

The return of The XX, their second album Crucial has leaked on Mediafire, as a torrent and as a Rapidshare link. Are indie fans going for the download leak or are they holding out for the retail release?

There’s much hype surrounding the sophomore release from the band, which is set for a September release on Young Turks. And while we got a test in form of the Angels single and video a while back, The xx is definitely an album-type band which deserves a full length release before they are judge.

Below you’ll get a link to the 320kbit/s MP3 release, which holds the 11 songs. It’s suppose to be an advance album rip, probably a promotional copy which Young turks has been sending to journalists and radio.


the-xx-crucial.nfo 01 Angels.mp3 02 Chained.mp3 03 Fiction.mp3 04 Try.mp3 05 Reunion.mp3 06 Sunset.mp3 07 Missing.mp3 08 Tides.mp3 09 Unfold.mp3 10 Swept Away.mp3 11 Our Song.mp3

No password required. Files checked for viruses by Total Spam.

Mark Tremonti – All I Was

The Creed and Alter Bridge guitar releases his own album, titled All I was. And it has now leaked as a Mediafire download. It was found on a Tumblr blog which apparently was taken down as soon as the leak happend. But a few fans downloaded it and now it’s getting spread around. I recommend reading Mark’s Wikipedia page, it’s quite an impressive career and I can understand why the fans are hungry for All I was.


[quote]I should note that this is the full album and not just the three-track album sampler which was released back in April. See the full file list below, and check out our Mediafire link below the list.[/quote]



1. Leave It Alone.mp3
2. So You’re Afraid.mp3
3. Wish You Well.mp3
4. Brains.mp3
5. The Things I’ve Seen.mp3
6. You Waste Your Time.mp3
7. New Way Out.mp3
8. Giving Up.mp3
9. Proof.mp3
10. All I Was.mp3
11. Doesn’t Matter.mp3
12. Decay.mp3

Passion Pit: Gossamer

Gossamer has leaked as a Mediafire and Rapidshare download. It’s the return of Passion pit, indie darlings extraordinary.

Passion Pit will release their newest album titled Gossamer on July 25th of this year. It is being released by Columbia Records. The band released the stunning album cover a few days ago. With its bright colored hues it is definitely an eye catcher. They are currently touring all over the United States for the next few months. This is a high quality 320kbit/s MP3 leak, which has spread to Mediafire, Rapidshare and Rapidgator. Remember to pre-order the retail version!

Gossamer was recorded in New York City and Los Angeles last year. The producer is Chris Zane. There are five members of the Passion Pit band.  The band has said that the lyrics on Gossamer reflect personal reflections. Michael Angelako wrote many of the songs about his troubled past. During a press release, he talked about how this new album was almost therapeutic for him to develop.

Passion Pit will travel the full festival this year. They have many events that are scheduled. Fans will have several opportunities to see this talented group of men. They have concerts booked in Florida, Boston, Ohio, Texas, and Montreal. They will be joining many other groups during the events. The band will be Co-headlining with Justice at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado in August.

The band today consists of Michael Angelakos, Ian Hultquist, Ayad Al Adhamy, Jeff Apruzzese and Nate Donmoyer.  This group of talented people practiced together for over seven months, before the played the first gig together. They have needed time to get the right mesh together. They just released their first full-length album in 2009.

The music world is excited to have this new album. It is being reported that Gossamer can go all the way to the top of the musical world. The album can be pre-ordered now on some media pages online. When the band release the single from Gossamer in May many were awe struck and are now anxiously awaiting the full album release.

This album will include the following tracks on it, Take A Walk, I’ll Be Alright, Carried Away, Constant Conversations, Mirrored Seas, Cry Like A Ghost, On My Way, Hideaway, Two veils to Hide My face, Love Is Greed, It’s Not My Fault I’m Happy and Where We Belong. There is a mixture of soft rock and techno about their unique sound. Hope you enjoy the Mediafire leak!

Gossamer Download

  • 1. Take a Walk
  • 2. I’ll Be Alright
  • 3. Carried Away
  • 4. Constant Conversations
  • 5. Mirrored Sea
  • 6. Cry Like a Ghost
  • 7. On My Way
  • 8. Hideaway
  • 9. Two Veils to Hide My Face
  • 10. Love Is Greed
  • 11. Its Not My Fault I’m Happy
  • 12. Where We Belong

Frank Ocean: channel ORANGE Mediafire

The debut album from Frank Ocean has leaked as a Mediafire, Rapidgator and Sharebeast download. The guy has been surrounded with a lot of controversy since his blog post, talking about his sexuality. But really, who cares about that? This album is the thing which matters and it hit the internet yesterday night during Jimmy Fallon. Enjoy this fine download.

I’m pretty disappointed. Nostalgia, Ultra was pretty near AOTY for me; this is just an unfocused mess. 2/3 of the album sounds like an extended interlude. Thinking of You, Lost, and Forrest Gump are the only notable tracks in my opinion.

I’ve often found myself confused as to how Nostalgia, Ultra became so highly regarded. Swim Good and Novacaine are really the only standout songs on there and practically everything else was just him singing over a well known instrumental. What was good on that mixtape was really good but there was no way I could have listened to that mixtape and had enough original material to be able to reach a fair assessment of his potential.

I think nostalgia was just showcasing his talent and songwriting. CO is where he tries to create his own vibe with his production selection, he seems to be more adventurous/outgoing with his lyrical content on a few songs on this album, like his coming-of-age.

I only finished my first listen through on this but the production is incredibly tight, smooth, and not overbearing and he’s exploring a lot of interesting themes lyrically. I feel that it’ll only get better with repeat listens.

Artist: Frank Ocean
Album: Channel Orange (Advance album download leak)
Source: Mediafire, Sharebeast
Quality: 320kbit/s
1. Start
2. Thinkin Bout You
3. Fertilizer
4. Sierra Leone
5. Sweet Life
6. Not Just Money
7. Super Rich Kids (Featuring Earl Sweatshirt)
8. Pilot Jones
9. Crack Rock
10. Pyramids
11. Lost
12. White (Featuring John Mayer)
13. Monks
14. Bad Religion
15. Pink Matter (Featuring André 3000) 
16. Forrest Gump
17. End / Golden Girl

Pink: The Truth About Love

After four long years, Pink’s album, The Truth About Love, has finally leaked as a download.

This album consists of all new music from the famed artist. This will be her sixth album. Pink gave her fans a small taste of what to expect when she released, Blow Me, One Last Kiss, a few months ago. After a leak caused the debut to be a few days earlier than planned, her fans were ecstatic about the new album preview. The raves were very complimentary!


[quote] This will be her sixth album. [/quote]


This new album, Pink – The Truth About Love is expected to compete with the other musicians and win many awards. This album has a little something extra for her Pink fans, her daughter Willow Sage is playing with her on a few of the tracks. Pink -The Truth About Love has fans all over the world excited about the new music. Many are hoping she doesn’t wait another four years, before she releases another musical endeavor. She summed up her life at one time saying that she wrote a song about each chapter of her life, Pink and The Truth About Love is new music that will bring more revelation about the exciting and controversial singer. The Truth About Love is expected to satisfy her millions of followers and put her back in the forefront of the musical entertainment world.

Pink says that this new album, just like her last ones, comes from deep within her and is inspired as she grows with her fans each year. Her ability to connect with her fans and still be true to who she is makes her one of the most loved entertainers from over the world. Her ability to relate is one of the things that her fans love about her and her musical genius.

Artist: P!NK
 Album: The Truth about love
 Label: Major
 Retail: September

Notes: Leaked advance album copy. Torrent based.
Size: 132 MB

50 Cent: FIVE (Murder by Numbers)

The master returns. It’s 50 Cent fifth album, simply titled FIVE – Murder by numbers. It’s one of those albums which needs some time, but man it’s a return to form for the rapper. Interscope hasn’t given this album any kind of promotion, which kind of sucks. Let’s hope it gets some spotlight when it hits downloads in early July.

This is a download leak of FIVE and contains all of the album tracks.

I feel for 50 when he had the single I’m on it leaked last year, and I get that he blames the label for it. But now that the complete album has leaked, there are still no promotion made for the album. It’s a blank. Well, hope you guys enjoy the album and be sure to check out the other links.


  • Artist: 50 Cent
  • Album: Five (Murder by numbers)
  • Size: 134 MB
  • Quality: 320kbit/s MP3
  • Source: Advance promo leak from Interscope


Animal Collective: Centipede Hz download

Indie Alternative masterminds – Animal Collective’s upcoming album Centipede Hz leaked out early on Mediafire.

Animal Collective has had their new and exciting album; Centipede Hz leaked out as an MP3 download, way ahead of its September 4th release date. If you had to describe this band’s sound, it would be a difficult task to do. They have an uncategorized and unique sound that their fans have grown to love and want more of as well. The Centipede Hz album contains eleven new songs for their fans. Many fans are eagerly waiting to hear Josh Dibb take lead on one of the songs. Band member Lenox is on lead vocal on two songs and then Porter sings the others.

Having Dibb taking the lead vocal is a rare and special treat! Dibb returned to the group recently after a few years’ hiatus. Fans are very happy about his return. The new album will contain songs such as Mercury Man, Father Time, and Amanita. Fans can already pre-order this music on different musical websites. And you can read an interview with the band about the new album by Pitchfork.

The band decided now that the four of them were reunited they would take a step out into a more live setting for the new album. Each song they put on the album is a piece of the puzzle, the whole album creates a nice completed piece of genius. They are highly anticipating the fans to be very psyched about the new material. The band said that some of their influences for the new album were to create more upbeat and less calming musical spacey type listening.

[quote] No worries, Pitchfork will love the album [/quote]

Ben Allen is producing the New Centipede Hz album; he has worked with the band in the past on the Merriweather CD. The band’s goal is to eventually to be able to produce and market their own music. They choose the Centipede name because the insect has multiple legs and they continually move about to get it to the desired location. They applied this to their music as a free flowing joined team working toward the same goal.

This group of four friends that grew up together playing music and hanging out has become some very new contenders in the music world today. Animal Collective has set themselves apart from other bands that tend to sound alike; the experimental band idea has definitely paid off for this group of talented and professional musicians.

Source: Mediafire file. An advance album copy.

  • 01  Moonjock.mp3
  • 02  Today’s Supernatural.mp3
  • 03  Rosie Oh.mp3
  • 04  Applesauce.mp3
  • 05  Wide Eyed.mp3
  • 06  Father Time.mp3
  • 07  New Town Burnout.mp3
  • 08  Monkey Riches.mp3
  • 09  Mercury Man.mp3
  • 10  Pulleys.mp3
  • 11  Amanita.mp3

Download: Mirror # 1 | Mirror # 2

Top 50 Filehosts: 2012 Updated list

Since Megaupload was shut down earlier this year there’s been a few dramatic changes to the most used file sharing sites. FileFactory and FilesTube put a stop to their file sharing abilities and has since dropped out of the Top 50. Mediafire, 4Shared and Rapidshare are still in the lead while Deposit Files and and its russian counter part Let it bit has seen a major increase in visitors.

For album downloads and MP3 leaks, Mediafire, Deposit files and Rapidshare seems to be the most used services right now – But as we’ve seen, things can change very quickly. Which file host do you prefer?

 Place Host Website
1 mediafire mediafire.com http://mediafire.com
2 4shared.com http://4shared.com
3 rapidshare rapidshare.com http://rapidshare.com
4 depositfilesdepositfiles.com http://depositfiles.com
5 letitbit letitbit.net http://letitbit.net
6 uploaded uploaded.to http://uploaded.to
7 putlocker.com http://putlocker.com
8 hotfile hotfile.com http://hotfile.com
9 turbobit turbobit.net http://turbobit.net
10 bitshare bitshare.com http://bitshare.com
11 oron oron.com http://oron.com
12 filefactory filefactory.com http://filefactory.com
13 uploading uploading.com http://uploading.com
14 sendspace.com http://sendspace.com
15 extabit extabit.com http://extabit.com
16 jumbofiles.com http://jumbofiles.com
17 filepost filepost.com http://filepost.com
18 sockshare.com http://sockshare.com
19 zippyshare.com http://zippyshare.com
20 netload netload.in http://netload.in
21 2shared.com http://2shared.com
22 shareflare.net http://shareflare.net
23 bayfiles bayfiles.com http://bayfiles.com
24 crocko crocko.com http://crocko.com
25 filebox.com http://filebox.com
26 ifile.it http://ifile.it
27 unibytes.com http://unibytes.com
28 yunfile.com http://yunfile.com
29 shareonline share-online.biz http://share-online.biz
30 uploadc.com http://uploadc.com
31 fiberupload.com http://fiberupload.com
32 vip-file.com http://vip-file.com
33 uptobox.com http://uptobox.com
34 i-filez.com http://i-filez.com
35 filevelocity.com http://filevelocity.com
36 megashare.com http://megashare.com
37 ryushare.com http://ryushare.com
38 megashares.com http://megashares.com
39 hipfile.com http://hipfile.com
40 badongo.com http://badongo.com
41 glumbouploads.com http://glumbouploads.com
42 filesmonsterfilesmonster.com http://filesmonster.com
43 muchshare.net http://muchshare.net
44 filereactor.com http://filereactor.com
45 asfile.com http://asfile.com
46 cramit.in http://cramit.in
47 hostingbulk.com http://hostingbulk.com
48 slingfile.com http://slingfile.com
49 filerio.com http://filerio.com
50 180upload.com http://180upload.com

Aesop Rock: Skelethon

Hiphop mastermind Aesop Rock! Skelethon has leaked as an album download!


Ian Matthias Bavitz, also known as Aesop Rock has just had his album titled, Skelethon, leaked. Ian was born in 1976, and grew up in New York and Maine. This artist’s music encompasses hip-hop, underground hip-hop and indie hip-hop. He is a rapper, and also a music producer. The album download is set to be officially released on Rhyme sayers.


[quote]Zero Dark Thirty and ZZZ Top was only the beginning, Skelethon is true Hiphop at its finest[/quote]


His new album will be the first produced since 2007. He has a full tour date set with many other artists joining him onstage. He is excited about his fans hearing the new music. This will be his official sixth release. This is his first album the he produced completely on his own. Some of the sounds are similar; you can hear that he is venturing into a new direction with his music.

This rapper can use his abilities with music to touch and even get his fans excited about the messages he sends.  He will be playing in many of the states this year and into the next. He has fifteen songs on this album leak. They include, Gopher Cuts, Tetra, Saturn Missles, Grace, Homemade Mummy, 1,000 O’Clock, Racing Stripes, Fryerstarter, Crows 1 & 2, Ruby 81, Zero Dark Thirty, Leisure Force, ZZZ Top and Cycles To Gehenna.



This talented rapper also has other business interests. He launched several other companies over the past few years. His musical ability is almost staggering at time. This is one of the most unique and original sounds available in today’s music world. Aesop Rock has been spending the last two years actively tour and rocking out almost every night with new and old fans.

If you haven’t heard of his music, this is definitely the album to start you out. His fans seem to follow him wherever he goes. He always has time to stop and say hello and sign an autograph or two. There have been a few times that he has opened up for other large bands. However, his fans want him to be the IT band all the time. You can listen to his music and feel his soul at times. He definitely works his music into a fine art. Enjoy the Skelethon download!

Did you see the video to ZZZ Top by the way? F*cking fantastic.

[button link=”http://www.connernetwork.com/mp3/1758″ type=”icon”] Download[/button]