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No Doubt: Push and Show

A lot of fans are waiting for the leak of Push and Show, the return of No Doubt


With Gwen Stefani having a successful solo career, a new No Doubt album seemed destined to never see the light of day. But in September a the new Push and Show album download will be released, which includes the original line up for the band. According the Billboard recording for the new album began in early 2009, with studio sessions featuring their producer Stent.

After an 11 year old hiatus, the band returns with the Push and Show download leak in September.  And as Rolling stone points out, the artwork for the album resembles the old Rolling stones album Emotional rescue. You can view the photo session for the album cover down below.

Mark Tremonti – All I Was

The Creed and Alter Bridge guitar releases his own album, titled All I was. And it has now leaked as a Mediafire download. It was found on a Tumblr blog which apparently was taken down as soon as the leak happend. But a few fans downloaded it and now it’s getting spread around. I recommend reading Mark’s Wikipedia page, it’s quite an impressive career and I can understand why the fans are hungry for All I was.


[quote]I should note that this is the full album and not just the three-track album sampler which was released back in April. See the full file list below, and check out our Mediafire link below the list.[/quote]



1. Leave It Alone.mp3
2. So You’re Afraid.mp3
3. Wish You Well.mp3
4. Brains.mp3
5. The Things I’ve Seen.mp3
6. You Waste Your Time.mp3
7. New Way Out.mp3
8. Giving Up.mp3
9. Proof.mp3
10. All I Was.mp3
11. Doesn’t Matter.mp3
12. Decay.mp3

Pink: The Truth About Love

After four long years, Pink’s album, The Truth About Love, has finally leaked as a download.

This album consists of all new music from the famed artist. This will be her sixth album. Pink gave her fans a small taste of what to expect when she released, Blow Me, One Last Kiss, a few months ago. After a leak caused the debut to be a few days earlier than planned, her fans were ecstatic about the new album preview. The raves were very complimentary!


[quote] This will be her sixth album. [/quote]


This new album, Pink – The Truth About Love is expected to compete with the other musicians and win many awards. This album has a little something extra for her Pink fans, her daughter Willow Sage is playing with her on a few of the tracks. Pink -The Truth About Love has fans all over the world excited about the new music. Many are hoping she doesn’t wait another four years, before she releases another musical endeavor. She summed up her life at one time saying that she wrote a song about each chapter of her life, Pink and The Truth About Love is new music that will bring more revelation about the exciting and controversial singer. The Truth About Love is expected to satisfy her millions of followers and put her back in the forefront of the musical entertainment world.

Pink says that this new album, just like her last ones, comes from deep within her and is inspired as she grows with her fans each year. Her ability to connect with her fans and still be true to who she is makes her one of the most loved entertainers from over the world. Her ability to relate is one of the things that her fans love about her and her musical genius.

Artist: P!NK
 Album: The Truth about love
 Label: Major
 Retail: September

Notes: Leaked advance album copy. Torrent based.
Size: 132 MB

Animal Collective: Centipede Hz download

Indie Alternative masterminds – Animal Collective’s upcoming album Centipede Hz leaked out early on Mediafire.

Animal Collective has had their new and exciting album; Centipede Hz leaked out as an MP3 download, way ahead of its September 4th release date. If you had to describe this band’s sound, it would be a difficult task to do. They have an uncategorized and unique sound that their fans have grown to love and want more of as well. The Centipede Hz album contains eleven new songs for their fans. Many fans are eagerly waiting to hear Josh Dibb take lead on one of the songs. Band member Lenox is on lead vocal on two songs and then Porter sings the others.

Having Dibb taking the lead vocal is a rare and special treat! Dibb returned to the group recently after a few years’ hiatus. Fans are very happy about his return. The new album will contain songs such as Mercury Man, Father Time, and Amanita. Fans can already pre-order this music on different musical websites. And you can read an interview with the band about the new album by Pitchfork.

The band decided now that the four of them were reunited they would take a step out into a more live setting for the new album. Each song they put on the album is a piece of the puzzle, the whole album creates a nice completed piece of genius. They are highly anticipating the fans to be very psyched about the new material. The band said that some of their influences for the new album were to create more upbeat and less calming musical spacey type listening.

[quote] No worries, Pitchfork will love the album [/quote]

Ben Allen is producing the New Centipede Hz album; he has worked with the band in the past on the Merriweather CD. The band’s goal is to eventually to be able to produce and market their own music. They choose the Centipede name because the insect has multiple legs and they continually move about to get it to the desired location. They applied this to their music as a free flowing joined team working toward the same goal.

This group of four friends that grew up together playing music and hanging out has become some very new contenders in the music world today. Animal Collective has set themselves apart from other bands that tend to sound alike; the experimental band idea has definitely paid off for this group of talented and professional musicians.

Source: Mediafire file. An advance album copy.

  • 01  Moonjock.mp3
  • 02  Today’s Supernatural.mp3
  • 03  Rosie Oh.mp3
  • 04  Applesauce.mp3
  • 05  Wide Eyed.mp3
  • 06  Father Time.mp3
  • 07  New Town Burnout.mp3
  • 08  Monkey Riches.mp3
  • 09  Mercury Man.mp3
  • 10  Pulleys.mp3
  • 11  Amanita.mp3

Download: Mirror # 1 | Mirror # 2

Aesop Rock: Skelethon

Hiphop mastermind Aesop Rock! Skelethon has leaked as an album download!


Ian Matthias Bavitz, also known as Aesop Rock has just had his album titled, Skelethon, leaked. Ian was born in 1976, and grew up in New York and Maine. This artist’s music encompasses hip-hop, underground hip-hop and indie hip-hop. He is a rapper, and also a music producer. The album download is set to be officially released on Rhyme sayers.


[quote]Zero Dark Thirty and ZZZ Top was only the beginning, Skelethon is true Hiphop at its finest[/quote]


His new album will be the first produced since 2007. He has a full tour date set with many other artists joining him onstage. He is excited about his fans hearing the new music. This will be his official sixth release. This is his first album the he produced completely on his own. Some of the sounds are similar; you can hear that he is venturing into a new direction with his music.

This rapper can use his abilities with music to touch and even get his fans excited about the messages he sends.  He will be playing in many of the states this year and into the next. He has fifteen songs on this album leak. They include, Gopher Cuts, Tetra, Saturn Missles, Grace, Homemade Mummy, 1,000 O’Clock, Racing Stripes, Fryerstarter, Crows 1 & 2, Ruby 81, Zero Dark Thirty, Leisure Force, ZZZ Top and Cycles To Gehenna.



This talented rapper also has other business interests. He launched several other companies over the past few years. His musical ability is almost staggering at time. This is one of the most unique and original sounds available in today’s music world. Aesop Rock has been spending the last two years actively tour and rocking out almost every night with new and old fans.

If you haven’t heard of his music, this is definitely the album to start you out. His fans seem to follow him wherever he goes. He always has time to stop and say hello and sign an autograph or two. There have been a few times that he has opened up for other large bands. However, his fans want him to be the IT band all the time. You can listen to his music and feel his soul at times. He definitely works his music into a fine art. Enjoy the Skelethon download!

Did you see the video to ZZZ Top by the way? F*cking fantastic.

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Smashing Pumpkins: Oceania download

Corgan returns to form. The Oceania album download leak proves The Smashing Pumpkins is yet again a force to be reckoned with.


Smashing Pumpkins is set to release their album titled, Oceania on June 19th 2012. The Smashing Pumpkins are trying to see if this new album can create more of a fan base to keep them going as a group. The new album will have 13 new songs and some very unique named ones as well. They have become a little more artsy with this upcoming new song list. But it’s finally a return to form. Check out the Oceania download, including a Mediafire, Rapidgator and torrent.


The lead front man Billy Corgan says that the new album will be exciting for all new and the existing fans that follow them. This is the bands seventh album within an album of their work in progress by producers Kaleidyscope. The previous albums they have recorded made them a name well known among smashers.

The band has sold more than 30 million albums in the past years and has won several Grammy awards. They have had multiple platinum records and are anticipating this upcoming Oceania to be one of those. The have a following of new generation listeners. Several of the new songs that will be available on the album are Pale Horse, Four Winds Chime and My Love is Winter. There is excitement over this new album!


[quote] Sorry, but the last album was kind of shitty. Oceania is on a whole new level. [/quote]
This rock alternative rock bank is looking to step up the game with their fans this year. They have several tour dates set and are excited for the public to listen to their new music album. Over the past few years, the Smashing Pumpkins have declined with the fan base. They are counting on this album to help renew their popularity with fans all over the world. The new Smashing Pumpkins albums has already had many pre-orders, so hopefully fans will pick up and start following the Pumpkins again soon.

The Smashing Pumpkins have a very distinct, guitar driven sound about them. You can expect to jam out with this new album as well. Just as the lead singer wrote the other songs, Billy Corgan added his talents to the new Oceania download as well.  Since the group has reestablished themselves, they are fighting to jump back in the musical arena and be a heavy contender again.

Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins

Album: Oceania (Album Promo Digital download version)

Quality: 320kbit/s

Source: Torrent


Pale Horse.MP3
The Chimera.MP3
Four Winds Chime.MP3
My Love Is Winter.MP3
Special K.MP3
Violet Rays.MP3

Update: New download links coming soon! Stay tuned!

Update 2: New download here.

The Offspring: Days Gone By download

Days Gone by is the return of The Offspring. And the album has leaked out early as an album download!


This punk rock band has great flow with their music. They are releasing a new album called Days Gone By, check out The Offspring’s official website if you haven’t. This will be their ninth album and their fans are highly anticipating this new CD release.  This album is a follow up of last year’s release Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. This album will be the first they have recorded with their newest band member Pete Parada. He began playing drums for them several months ago. This CD has twelve tracks on it and was produced by Bob Rock.

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Baroness: Yellow & Green download

Lots of new metal album leaks this week. This is one of the most requested albums.

It’s Baroness and the album Yellow and Green. The opening show of the tour last night in Columbus was phenomenal. The new songs did not disappoint. Also scooped the Blue Record vinyl and a limited edition JDB print.

The album was first announced at their Facebook page. And soon after it was revealed that’s its going to be a double album. As soon as the cover was revealed the album promo sent out and made it to a private torrent site. From there we got it and it’s now on Deposit files and Rapidgator. See the full details below.

Artist: Baroness

Album: Yellow and Green (Advance album Promo leak) 2CD version

Quality: 320kbit/s

Format: MP3

Size: 203 MB


1 Yellow Theme.mp3
2 Take My Bones Away.mp3
3 March to the Sea.mp3
4 Little Things.mp3
5 Twinkler.mp3
6 Cocainium.mp3
7 Back Where I Belong.mp3
8 Sea Lungs.mp3
9 Eula.mp3
1 Green Theme.mp3
2 Board Up the House.mp3
3 Mtns. (The Crown & Anchor).mp3
4 Foolsong.mp3
5 Collapse.mp3
6 Psalms Alive.mp3
7 Stretchmarker.mp3
8 The Line Between.mp3
9 If I Forget Thee, Lowcountry.mp3

Download Link #1