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QOTSA returns with the twisted Villains album

First things first, when will Queens of the Stone Age release their new album?
August 25th. And it’s going to be a different kind of album, just like with everything Jose Homme.

While some of us had high hopes for a Crooked Vulture return and reform. But Josh had other plans and in secrecy he begun recording with the band together with no other than Mark Ronson. The producer behind Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, Robbie Williams, Wale, Adele och Bruno Mars. And while that sounds like nothing like the previous QOTSA albums, brand new directions are nothing new to the band.

And different it is. First single The Way You Used To.

So the hype and waiting has begun. Has it leaked currently follow Villains download news and leak updates. And QOTSA previous albums have all leaked in advance, in some cases over a month before release. And the album is of course going to be available on digital download, stream and vinyl.