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Days Gone by is the return of The Offspring. And the album has leaked out early as an album download!


This punk rock band has great flow with their music. They are releasing a new album called Days Gone By, check out The Offspring’s official website if you haven’t. This will be their ninth album and their fans are highly anticipating this new CD release.  This album is a follow up of last year’s release Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. This album will be the first they have recorded with their newest band member Pete Parada. He began playing drums for them several months ago. This CD has twelve tracks on it and was produced by Bob Rock.

Mr. Rock has produced Metallica and Lostprophets. The band’s first track that is titled Days Gone By, was released in April. The complete album has many fans eager and waiting to purchase it. The Offspring band consists of Dexter Holland, Greg K, Noodles, and Pete Parada. The bands former members sometimes join them onstage for impromptu visits.


[quote] Days Gone by comes as 320kbit/s High quality MP3 files. No passwords. No viruses. Simply Offspring.[/quote]


The band formed in 1983 when Bryan Holland met up with Greg Kriesel during their high school years. They both were on the cross-country team. They began playing music in a garage and as their band members increased, so did their fan base. Holland actually started playing the drums, then decided to switch over to lead vocalist.

With eight successful albums under their belt, they are likely to knock this album out of the ballpark as well. They are currently touring the UK and have a full schedule for the next year.  They have performed over 1100 shows to date. Some of their shows will be with artists such as Linkin Park, and the Smashing Pumpkins in June.

This group of unique individuals creates such a dynamic sound together. They have tapped into the perfect sound to get fans on board and excited about their music.  As they tour throughout the world, they seem to be very personal with their fans. They always take the time to say Thank You or sign an autograph.  With musical idols, helping to mold the raw talent this punk rock band has developed a spot of their own in the industry.


01. The Future Is Now.MP3
02. Secrets from the Underground.MP3
03. Days Go By.MP3
04. Turning Into You.MP3
05. Hurting As One.MP3
06. Cruising California.MP3
07. All I Have Left Is You.MP3
08. OC Guns.MP3
09. Dirty Magic.MP3
10. I Wanna Secret Family.MP3
11. Dividing By Zero.MP3
12. Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb To Hell.MP3

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