Digging album downloads!

We’re now a couple of weeks into Digging for files website and I think things are coming a long pretty alright. We’re still in the start-up phase and still need to set up album downloads from a few indie groups – But all in all I think we’re getting some traffic and see potential in the site’s future.

We’ve been focused on four major album releases; The first one, and the most popular, is Linkin Park’s return with Living things. And I’ve got to say that I’m surprised on how good the first single, Burn it down, is. Expect that album download leak to be huge once it hits the internet. We’ve already got a lot of comments from fans who are looking for it.


Then we’ve got Azealia Banks and her upcoming album Broke with expensive taste. It’s set for a September release, but since her EP 1991 has already been delayed twice – It might happen to the full album as well.

And then on to indie darling Twin shadow who announced his sophomore album Confess a couple of weeks ago. His first single from the album is titled Five seconds, and is available as an MP3 download if you head over to our dedicated Confess album page. I’m excited about this release, only because of the single – Which is really good.

And finally, we’ve got Marron 5’s Overexposed album. I’m not a big fan of the group but I know that a lot of people are looking forward to this one. I’ve been told it’s a lot more commercial than their previous albums, probably since they’ve decided to work with Swedish producer Max Martin.

And don’t miss out on all of our album reviews. We like to add both new and old albums, to keep it all interesting. I especially recommend the Mike Oldfield review!

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