Aesop Rock: Skelethon

Hiphop mastermind Aesop Rock! Skelethon has leaked as an album download!


Ian Matthias Bavitz, also known as Aesop Rock has just had his album titled, Skelethon, leaked. Ian was born in 1976, and grew up in New York and Maine. This artist’s music encompasses hip-hop, underground hip-hop and indie hip-hop. He is a rapper, and also a music producer. The album download is set to be officially released on Rhyme sayers.


[quote]Zero Dark Thirty and ZZZ Top was only the beginning, Skelethon is true Hiphop at its finest[/quote]


His new album will be the first produced since 2007. He has a full tour date set with many other artists joining him onstage. He is excited about his fans hearing the new music. This will be his official sixth release. This is his first album the he produced completely on his own. Some of the sounds are similar; you can hear that he is venturing into a new direction with his music.

This rapper can use his abilities with music to touch and even get his fans excited about the messages he sends.  He will be playing in many of the states this year and into the next. He has fifteen songs on this album leak. They include, Gopher Cuts, Tetra, Saturn Missles, Grace, Homemade Mummy, 1,000 O’Clock, Racing Stripes, Fryerstarter, Crows 1 & 2, Ruby 81, Zero Dark Thirty, Leisure Force, ZZZ Top and Cycles To Gehenna.



This talented rapper also has other business interests. He launched several other companies over the past few years. His musical ability is almost staggering at time. This is one of the most unique and original sounds available in today’s music world. Aesop Rock has been spending the last two years actively tour and rocking out almost every night with new and old fans.

If you haven’t heard of his music, this is definitely the album to start you out. His fans seem to follow him wherever he goes. He always has time to stop and say hello and sign an autograph or two. There have been a few times that he has opened up for other large bands. However, his fans want him to be the IT band all the time. You can listen to his music and feel his soul at times. He definitely works his music into a fine art. Enjoy the Skelethon download!

Did you see the video to ZZZ Top by the way? F*cking fantastic.

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