Diggingforfiles is a site for free album downloads, with a twist.

You’ve might have noticed that we share mainstream album downloads? Actually, we don’t and we’ll never share, link or host any copyrighted works. So – Are we trying to scam people?

Our intention is a bit different – We want to attract the people who try to download album leaks but instead of getting the artist they asked for, they get an unsigned band’s record for free, which is similar to the artist music the visitor wanted. These records comes from bands and artists who we think deserves some attention and should be able to compete with the major labels.

Is this going to piss a lot of poeple off? Probably, but we want to think of it like this; Instead of trying not to support a mainstream artist, why not try to support an artists which needs listeners and a bit of attention more than anything else?

The site is brand new, we’re constantly making changes and updates. There isn’t a lot of albums added either as of now – But stay tuned and please give us your opinion about our site and what we’re trying to accomplish.

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